Reflections on Mission Athens Music

We are going to be posting some blogs from current and past band members. The first post is from Rachael (Mirabella) Boyd. 

"Mission Athens Music"

Those three words literally sing something sweet to me. Thinking on those words, I am reminded of music that draws me to worship, music that tells me who God is, music that inspires me with its melodies and harmonies. In those words I am also reminded of a band whose members are some of my favorite friends.

My name is Rachael Boyd, Rachael Mirabella until about 4 months ago :) I had the distinct privilege of interning for Christ Community Church for 2 years from August, 2010 until July, 2012. During that time I also had the privilege of playing the keys for our worship band, Mission Athens Music. Now I live in Charlotte, NC, with my husband and attend a new church.

Something my husband and I often reflect on is that Mission Athens Music gets many things right. When the band starts to sing, the church joins them in loud singing. When the band plays, it is inspiring and beautiful but not distractingly attention-grabbing. When the band practices, the members pray and laugh and work hard together. Mission Athens Music brings people together who have musical gifts and want to put God on display through them. If I do say so myself, they do an excellent job of that. I'll also say they're the most fun, laid back group of musicians you may ever meet.

Recently during Legacy Weekend, I attended a gathering and was not a part of the band for the first time in years. It was so fun to be a part of the congregation, being led to worship the Lord through song. Though I am sad to no longer be a part of it, I love knowing that Mission Athens Music continues to do its job well.

From an insiders perspective, Mission Athens Music is a uniquely extraordinary band. It has taught me that I want to bring a humbly confident attitude in any worship band I am a part of - an attitude that is confident in who the Lord is, not who I am, and proclaims it boldly through song."

- Rach