A note from Justin Kimmel

This is a post from a musician/worship leader/friend that has been a part of  Mission Athens Music for a couple of years now. This is Justin Kimmel talking about what Mission Athens Music has meant to him. Justin and his wife live in Athens and he is still a part of Mission Athens Music.

Mission Athens Music is not a church band. It's not a special event music group. It isn't a source for albums containing original songs or covers either. Mission Athens Music is not any one of these, but rather is the ever-opening umbrella that covers all the aforementioned attributes. That is about the best way I can describe this music baby.

And it is indeed that. A baby. We're young. We're hip. And we're coming to a radio near you. Ok, not really. But why not? The greatest thing about this ever-opening, baby umbrella is that it is also ever-changing. Long before I came around, it started. There was a pool of talent when I got here. And most of those people are gone now. That's just the way things are around Athens. But more musicians have come as the others have gone. They're great. The ones who left and the ones who are here now. They're all great musicians. They're all people you just want to be around. 

My involvement with Mission Athens Music happened via the Protege Program at Christ Community Church. I promise not to use this blog as a platform to promote why Protege is the best residency program for people in their early to mid-20's looking to do big things with their life. Oh, wait. Anyway, there was really no need for me to be a part of this group. We already had a guitar player and someone to lead songs, which was what I had always done. 

Because of the culture that our fearless leader, Aaron Slaten, has created, we found a way for me to add something to our music. That's the way it continues to go with us. The sound changes with the people, but the quality never seems to take a dip. It's because of that changing culture that makes this group so great to be a part of. We don't just put out the same exact song done the same exact way every other week.

So yeah, that's what it is to me. More than playing songs on Sunday mornings. More than leading music at a college ministry. More than an album. More than songwriting and big events. It's Mission Athens Music.