So it has been an interesting/exciting last few weeks for us at MAM. Here are a few details:

  • We led worship for the Campus Outreach Ski Trip the first weekend in Feburary. It was a great time with students from UGA, Kennesaw State, GT and North Georgia. 
  • One thing that made the trip a lot of fun was that we were able to write a couple of songs. One of this songs will be on a CD that will be released in March, more info on that soon.
  • One of the songs that we wrote we actually recorded in our church office. Brian T Murphy, who recorded our album 'because of Christ', mixed the new song and added piano/keys to the song. (In NY) Technology makes just about everything doable. I will try and share a piece of the unmastered song. 
  • MAM has purchased some recording gear! We can now track everything ourselves, including drums.  This doesn't mean that we won't have help recording in the future or that we want to create a full blown studio. What it does say is that we are starting to write and we want to capture that. Our hope is that over the next year we will have a list of songs that we like that we can combine for our next record. 
  • We are leading music for 'Grace and Men' conference in Athens the first weekend in March. 

We will get back to posting weekly set list starting next week. Thanks for checking in!