Here is a taste of some of our favorite gear. Also Check out our Youtube channel with gear reviews.

Aaron Slaten

Acoustic Guitar:'06 Breedlove Custom,'01 Taylor 714 CE, 1962 B25 Small Bodied Gibson, LR Baggs Venue DI, LR Baggs Para Di, Morely Switcher, TU2 Tuner, TC Electronic BodyRez, Alclair Custom In Ears, Audix VX-10 mic 


Slade Adams

Guitar Amps: Vox AC15 & Fender Blues Deluxe. Guitar: Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele. Pedals: Boss TU-3, Greer Fish Press, Boss BD-2, Danelctro Daddy-O, Ernie Ball Vp Jr., EHX Cathedral Reverb, Line 6 DL4, Alclair Custom In Ears


Ryan Keck

Guitars: Martin DC-16, G&L Bluesboy, G&L Comanche, Guild Starfire III,   Pedals: Dr Scientist Tremolesence, Dr Scientist Radical Red Reverberator, Robert Keeley Modded-Ibanez TS-9, Boss DD-3, Boss BD-2, Analog Man Bi-Comp, Barber Tone Press, Diamond Memory Lane Jr, Ernie Ball Jr Volume, Mad Professor Sky Blue Overdrive. Amp: Goodsell Super 17

Kevin Justmann

Bass: 1959 Fender P Bass, 70s Bassman, Standard TU3 and a MODM Wrascal distortion pedal. Alclair Custom In Ears 


Ian White

Guitar: Fender Telecaster Amp: Fender Deluxe Reverb. Pedals: TC Electronics Polytune, Earthquaker Devices Pitch Bay, Midnight 30 Music Overdive No.30 Special, Neunaber Audio Echelon and Immerse, Alclair Custom In Ears, Stiff-Finger Slide Holder, Dunlop Glass Slides

Wes Gregory

Drums: Truth Custom Drums, a 6.5x14 Ludwig Black Beauty, Zildjian 14" New Beat Hi-Hats, Zildjian 22" Sweet Ride, Sabian 19" AAX Crash, Zildjian 18" A Custom Crash, and Pearl Hardware, Alclair Custom In Ears 


Mattox Shuler

Acoustic: Gibson Hummingbird Artist Electric: MJT Fort Telemaster, Pedals: JHS Firefly, EHX East River Drive and Soul Food, EHX Pitch Fork, Diamond Memory Lane Jr, EHX Catherdral Amp: Vox Night Train Bass: Jaguar Short Scale Bass Amp: Orange Crush

Many of us use Mono cases for guitars and all use Pedaltrain boards, Shure and Audix mics.

We exclusively use Alclair Custom In Ear monitors.