Aaron Slaten

Aaron Slaten has served as the principal directive force within Mission Athens Music since its inception in 2012. As both the main worship leader and creative director, Aaron oversees the extent of Mission Athens’ ventures, from the weekly elements of leading worship, to more expansive projects like our album “Because of Christ,” which released in 2012. Aaron is a veteran leader, with experience in the full gamut of possible worship leading contexts as both a musician and a producer, allowing him to provide a established, incisive perspective to any project Mission Athens might undertake.


Justin KImmel

Since coming aboard as an intern at the start of Mission Athens, Justin Kimmel has established himself as a crucial asset to the collective of Mission Athens Music. Even in the years rolling his internships culmination, h’s experience as both a performing musician and a prolific songwriter add a strong, unique perspective to the creative process, and his dynamic with Aaron allows for a nuanced, synthesized leadership direction in situations were both he and Justin are leading. Additionally, Justin has immense talent and experience in serving as the main worship leader in Aaron’s absence, adding versatility and possibility to what Mission Athens Music can do.

Ian White.jpg



Starting his internship under Aaron in early 2014, Ian serves as the Director of Bands within Mission Athens Music, organizing both the weekly process of leading our bands, and the public presence of Mission Athens Music, particularly in the online sphere. Ian is an up-and coming leader, arranger, and songwriter, and is excited to add his unique perspective to both the present and future projects of Mission Athens Music.